Porters are the backbone of the trekking, if you see something special in the mountain, nature didn’t put it there – but a porter did!

The porters spend their life carrying heavy loads in the mountains. For you, a heavy pack of gear may look difficult or unbearable but for a porter it doesn’t make any difference.

The safe weight they can manage is 18kg comfortably. A porter will normally carry the gear of 2 people in normal trek and less in a camping trek. Porters are not here to guide you; most of them don’t know English. The main work of the porter is to make sure everything you need is fulfilled. They are also not there to look your safety, they just want their work need to be done and you will look after their wellbeing.

Guides are there to show you the way, show you the mountains, landmarks and of course, dangers. They are there to keep you safe and say you stories about local and wild adventures. They are there to make sure you get good food and clean bed in every place and make sure your trek goes perfectly. They are not there to carry your stuff.

It is important to treat your guide with respect and acknowledge the experience and wisdom they possess.

For a successful trek, always accompany with a guide.

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