Important packing list:

Daywear and Nightwear :
  • A Jacket with lot of pockets, so that it can hold all your small items in one place and reaching out to your pocket would be easy. You can put extra batteries, hand sanitizer etc...
  • A Hat to protect you from sun.
  • A pair of Sunglasses used to avoid dust.
  • A Scarf to keep warm if needed.
  • Long sleeve shirt or Tank Tops which would be good for layering.
  • Warm comfortable pants as you will be getting in and out of jeep.
  • A pair of Shorts made of breathable material would be good.
  • A swimsuit if accommodation has a pool.
  • A pair of good boots to wear during game drives.
  • A pair of sandals and socks.
  • Sports Headphones – Music on the long and winding road.
  • Warm clothing for evenings.
Documents and Cash :
  • Always carry your original Passport and a copy of it.
  • Itinerary for the knowledge of entire tour.
  • Travel insurance docs for safety purpose.
  • E-tickets for your booking confirmation.
  • Carry some Cash, as you may need to pay for parking or tip someone.
Prescribed Medications :
  • Camera to capture memories. Take a compact one if possible.
  • Phone for communication purpose only.
  • Kindle if you like reading, I suggest you to carry one.
  • Headlamp important for track and reading during evening.
  • Extra batteries for backup.
  • Ear plugs as there will be lot of noise at night.
  • Portable battery charger essential to charge all the above electronics.
Electronic Essentials :
  • Guides will have basic medications with them. If you have any prescribed medicines, do carry them.
  • Prescribed glasses, try to carry 2 of them as you will in the forest and there are chances of breaking one.
  • A Lip Balm as the sun is strong and you will need a lip balm.
  • A Small Moisturiser just a small container would be enough.
  • A face cleanser – use one which could be dipped in water
  • Sun block SPF 50+ as the sun is strong, protect from sun burns.
  • Cotton Pads and baby wipes you will need these everyday
  • Hand Sanitizer easy to use
  • Dry Shampoo as you’d need to wash your hair once a day.
  • Soap in a plastic soap dish easy to travel
  • A tooth brush, tooth paste for daily use.
  • A Razor, shaving cream and other important toiletries.
Other Optional Necessities:
  • Inflatable pillow if you need a pillow to sleep well in general
  • Water purification tablets the water quality in Tanzania Safari Camp is good but if you want to be more on safer side, you can carry some purification tablets.
  • A water bottle or thermos; as you don’t need to stop for a drink.
  • A microfiber towel as they dry very quickly and are light too!

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