Lemosho Route 7 Days Trip


$1850 Per person

The seven day Lemosho variation is preferred over the six day option because it breaks up day two into two days, providing better acclimatization and a more gradual ascent. On the seven day route, we walk from Forest Camp to Shira Camp 1 on day two, a reasonable altitude gain of 2,000 feet. swThen on day three, we continue from Shira Camp 2 to the little used Moir Hut, at 13,800 feet. Overall the exposure to this altitude will help prepare the body for higher altitudes coming on the following days. However, the trek from Barranco to Barafu, followed by the summit day is unchanged from the six day Lemosho variation. This schedule is still very tough, though the extra day on the mountain on the seven day route will help climbers deal with the exhausting itinerary better than those who opted for the six day route.


  • The descending follows the Mweka route via Mweka gate.

  • Located at the west side of the mountain to reach it takes few hour drives from Moshi or Arusha.

  • It offers more than 90% climbing success rate.

  • It can take 7-8 days to complete the climbing depending upon trekker’s physical stamina.

  • Stunning view of Mount Kilimanjaro after crossing the rainforest zone.


90% Success Rate
  • No Of People Climbing - 9927 per year

  • Travellers Feedback - Recomemded

  • Ascent distance - 46.16 Km

  • Descent distance - 20.6 Km (Mweka Route)

  • total distance - 66.86 Km

  • total trek duretion- 7-8

  • trek Moderate - Moderate

  • HIGHLIGHT - Expensive

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