Umbwe Route 6 Days Trip


The Umbwe route is a direct route, very steep, very tough route compared to other routes. The Umbwe route meets Machame route near the Barranco camp on the trails of next day and this shows how steep Umbwe route is.

This route is preferred by most experienced climbers and not for the fresh climbers. This is the route which is not used much. The traffic in the Umbwe route at the beginning is low but pick up as the trekkers join machame climbers at Borranco Camp. The altitude level is high here and the experienced ones who are well adapted to the altitude can make to summit with this route.

It has the well reputation of most challenging route, once reaching the Borranco camp the trail turns east and traverses underneath Kilimanjaro’s southern Ice field on a path. This route doesn’t give much time to adjust to the altitude. Hence the success rate is very low. The duration of the route is 5 to 6 days.


  • The Umbwe route has a reputation for being the most challenging route on Kilimanjaro

  • It’s the shortest and steepest of the Kilimanjaro routes, and accordingly has a poor acclimatisation profile.

  • The entire route is a short, steep and direct climb.

  • The trail descends the mountain via the Mweka route.


80% Success Rate
  • No Of People Climbing - 25,000 Per Year

  • Travellers Feedback - Good

  • Ascent distance - 40.16 Km

  • Descent distance - 20.6 Km

  • total distance - 5,895 Km

  • total trek duretion - 5-6-7 Days

  • trek difficulty - Extremely Challenging

  • Highlight - Very Crowded

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