Rongai Route 6 Days Trip


$1600 Per person

The Rongai route is the only route which climbs from the north, the climb is from south-east and you can see both the sides of mountain.

The extra cost makes this route a bit more expensive. The Rongoi route has easy climb profile as Marangu route and it rises steadily, there aren’t any steeps involved and also no ups and downs. With a good operator you have a 80% chance to make it to the crater rim and 70% to make it to the uhuru peak.

If you have trekking experience your chances are good to make it to the summit and some come down due to weather and altitude problems. The Rongai route has another advantage; the northern side of Kilimanjaro is a lot drier than the other side. Your chances not to get soaked on the first day are excellent.

The main advantage is, it is an easiest route and one of the quieter routes. It approaches the mountain from drier side and has best chances of good weather. The disadvantages are; higher cost due additional travel, considerably less scenic.

Accommodation on the trek is camping throughout in roomy mountain tents shared by two people. Guides leading the trek always walk along with the climbers and closely monitor the trekker’s adjustment to altitude. All your equipment will be carried by local porters on the mountain, you only carry a day-pack with personal gear. When camping on our trips you will not have to participate in camp chores. We buy fresh produce locally and to ensure good standards of hygiene all food is prepared by our own staff and can cater for special dietary requirements and there are no extra food-kitty payments.


  • This route is located on the northern side of Mount Kilimanjaro with a variety of spectacular landscapes together with different plants and animals species.

  • The Rongai Route is more scenic than the Marangu Route and easier than other camping route in climbing Kilimanjaro and the success rate on the Rongai Route is very high.

  • On the Rongai Route you sleep in tents, the porter will have your tent pitched and waiting for you at the end of each days trek.


90% Success Rate
  • No Of People Climbing - 589 Per Year

  • Travellers Feedback - Good

  • Ascent distance - 37.65 Km

  • Descent distance - 36.75 Km (Marangu Rout)

  • total distance - 74.4 Km

  • total trek duretion - 6 Days

  • trek difficulty - Easy

  • Highlight - Less Crowd, Monsoon Route

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